Hot Red dinner

Meal in two colors

Where David Remez Street 4, ירושלים, ישראל

- Jilbert Glants

- Adom Restaurant


 A meal in two vivid colors

Candlelight envelops the intimate bar space, and the guests – dressed in black and red – sit in their places, while dishes appear one after the other. Seven courses will be served in all – an appetizer, first course, main dish, and more – and all in colors of red and black – lustful colors, full of both mystery and romance that entice you to smell the aromas, sense, and surrender.

Join us for an exclusive, one-of-a-kind OpenRestaurants Festival meal at Adom (red), the restaurant in the heart of Jerusalem’s old train station. The dress code calls for black or red – which will put you in the perfect mood.

The event includes

  • Opening cocktail - "red" cocktail
  • Openings: Hot oyster with Tabasco, red and black soup. "Black" wine - from Katana Zapata
  • Starters: black risotto, squid ink and pulled ox tail, red ravioli. Hot black wine - from the region of kahor
  • Main courses: Fine red tuna, black crust and black lentil
  • Locally raised red beef smoked on the premises
  • Extras: roasted beets, black eggplant cream, roasted black carrots, black mashed potatoes
  • Dessert: Red surprise
  • DeJestiff: Cherry Pedro Jimenez 25 years

General Notes

  • The event is suitable for Vegetarians with advance notice. please call the restaurant 02-6246242 or 0545999930
  • Please notice to purchase tickets according to your sitting preferences- If you are three people the suitable sitting for you is on the bar.
  • Photos by Tomer foltyn

About the Location

The Adom Restaurant and Wine Bar became a Jerusalem institution specializing in food, wine, excellent service, and a great atmosphere. This Jerusalem bistro, which draws its inspiration from Mediterranean cuisines — Italian first among them, followed by French — serves meticulously-prepared and varied food, including meat smoked on the premises, fish and seafood, thick pasta, and risotto. Adom, which offers an intimate, homelike atmosphere, is located in the First Station compound.