The Baker’s Visit

The Secret of Great Bread

Where Jaffa Street, Jerusalem, ישראל

- Richard HartAnomarel Ogen

- Shawar Bakery - The Jaffa Gate meeting point


A hands-on culinary session with world-leading bakers

Join us for an experience of bread baking, a combination of great crumb, incredible flavor, crackling crust and the feature of bread that most frequently separates the amateurs from the pros.

The event will be led by Richard Hart – one of the world’s most prestigious bakers, the former head baker of Tartine Bakery, and the current owner of Hart Bakery, the in-house pastry for the Noma restaurant. Joining Hart will be Ogen Anomarel, who is among Israel’s leading and most respected master bakers, a bread and wheat researcher, and a prominent voice in raising awareness of ancient wheat.

The both are bringing a wealth of knowledge gained through years of experience in both education and the hospitality industry and will take to a journey of the esteemed bakers, including their techniques and the traditions that inspired their baking. The unique gathering will be held at the Shwaras Bakery, which has been operating in the Old City for 400 years.

You will taste artisan breads including: challahs, rustic breads, and flatbreads – all baked in an ancient 350-year-old masonry oven, which will be put to use specially for the occasion.

The event includes

  • A talk & a practical workshop with two bakery masters – Copenhagen based Richard Hart and Anomarel Anchor, one of Israel's leading bakers
  • You will get a chnce to learn and taste various breads baked in a 350-year-old salt oven: challah, country bread, flat bread and more

General Notes

  • The address provided on the site is the meeting point for a joint walk to "Schauer Bakery". Please arrive on time for the meeting point - we can't wait for the others.
  • Photos by: Ditte Isager

About the Location

Shwaras Bakery, owned by the brothers Iman and Mansour Shwara, has been baking the breads of the Old City of Jerusalem for 400 years.

Richard Hart is one of the most prestigious bakers in the world. He is the former head baker of Tartine Bakery and the current the owner of Hart Bakery, the in- house pastry and viennoiserie service for the restaurant Noma. Richard Hart has created his take on the local neighbourhood bakery, and a place to share the bread and pastries that they love to bake for friends and guests. Drawing inspiration and influences from around the world, the menu reflects the varied upbringing and travels of Richard and the Hart team, as well as the traditions of their newfound home here in Denmark.

Ogen Anomarel is a bread researcher and among the most renowned master bakers in Israel. He began his journey about two decades ago, learning from Chef Yossi Elad, who introduced him to vast world of bread making. Anomarel continued working alongside bakers in northern Italy. When he returned to Israel, he set up Rifta Bakery in the village of Clil, where he baked thousands of loaves in a brick oven with no electricity. With no technology support, and relying only on his knowledge, Anomarel worked to further deepen his understanding of baking, fromthe overall process to the detailed chemistry, biology, and physics involved. Anomarel is currently the head of the bread arts program at the Bishulim Culinary School. As a consultant, he has established many boutique bakeries, and as a teacher, he has ushered in generations of bakers.

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