The Chef Alliance

An abundant meal made from ingredients that are moments from their expiration

Where Yehuda Burla Street 1, ירושלים, ישראל

- Nadav Melin And Friends

- Deli Garden


Sustainable meal – preparing delicacies food from ingredients right before their expiration.

What do you do with a tomato that is not round? How about a cheese that is approaching its expiration date? Before you throw these items, get to know the chefs who will teach you how to prepare delicacies food. . The Israeli Chefs’ Alliance invites you to a meal and a get-together on the absolute perfection of ingredients right before their expiration. We offer opportunities to engage a sustainable food system through the senses and its source.

Especially for the festival, five Jerusalem chefs from the 30-member alliance – Chef Nadav Malin, Chef Ranem Barhum, Chef Marcus Gershkovich, Chef Adar Kaplan-Mor and Chef Yoram Benjamin – will share a kitchen. Together they will demonstrate how to prepare an entire meal from ingredients that will soon go bad.

On Tuesday evening (two days before dinner), we will gather at the Mahane Yehuda market for a “picking” tour led by Udi Goldschmidt, ambassador to Israel of the World Culinary Tourism Organization and coordinator of the “Chef Alliance” and Tali Fridman. We will embark on a journey following vegetables and other groceries from the market that were simply at the wrong time, in the wrong place… Register for a Market Collection Tour right here

This will be followed by a talk on how to avoid wasting food, changes we can make in our own lives and why these dishes will be more delicious than those prepared with fresh ingredients.

The event includes

  • "Vegetable soup that did not "find a warm home
  • A variety of dishes from expired raw materials
  • A talk on preventing food waste and cooking from expired ingredients
  • A glass of sangria (soft drinks and alcohol can be purchased at Hadley Garden Bar
  • Sweets
  • Great music
  • For those interested - a market "picking" tour will take place on Tuesday 19/11 at 18:30 to 21:00 .Meeting at the entrance of MachaneYehuda Parking Lot next to the big wall painting. Registration for the tour is right here, with no additional cost.

General Notes

  • Participating chefs: Nadav Melin - Catering Louisa, Ranem Barhum - Rashta, Marcus Gershkovich - Angelica, Adar Mor Kaplan - Tmul Shilshom, Yoram Binyamin - Mother's Restaurant

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