A meal on the move among the homes of Ein Karem

Five course meal and tour

Where Kastel Square, ירושלים

- Pnina Ein-Mor

- Meeting point - Castel Square Ein Kerem Street


Five-course meal and tour

When you hear the name of Ein Kerem, a picture immediately comes to mind, one that makes the imagination fly. Ein Kerem, a beautiful picturesque village built of ancient Jerusalem stones and immersed in the green, inspires all senses. The beauty of Ein Kerem lies not only in its walls but also in the excellent food prepared here; The stories, the people, the houses and the kitchen are interwoven here and enrich each other and through this, we will recognize Ein Kerem and fall in love with it.

We will start Yofi’s, who will delight our palates with delicacies from her impressive tabun yard oven, and maybe recount the intrigue from her work for Interpol. From there, we will proceed to the home of Solo and Adina. Solo will treat us to Balkan traditions: delicious cuisine and sweet melodies, while Adina will give us a guided tour of her works of art placed in the hallways of their wonderful vintage home. We will round out our adventure in the house of Pnina Ein Mor, a tour guide and famed Ein Karem tourism pioneer, who will tell stories from the village over steaming cups of herbal tea.

The event includes

  • Visit three villagers cooking lovers's homes
  • Five course meal
  • Two glasses of wine
  • herbal tea
  • soft drink

About the Location

Ein Kerem Legend is a tourism and cultural company that has changed the face of tourism in Jerusalem. The company operates throughout the country and holds days private events and corporate events.
The establishment of the company received the Jerusalem Dear Award for Open Tourism and Contribution to the Jerusalem Economy and is run by Nofer Tagar.


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