Alice and her wonderland

Dinner theater inspired by the story of Alice in Wonderland

Where Gan Sipur Café Saker garden

- Café Gan Sipur


Dinner theater inspired by the story of Alice in Wonderland

For a single evening, return with us to that magical moment from childhood when you first met in Alice and her wonderland. In this feast down the rabbit hole, silliness is recommended and humor is required. Head over to the Mad Hatter’s table with Alice, the White Rabbit and other beloved characters who will drop by to visit. Choose a main course that will stimulate your appetite and set off your imagination. The book’s characters will come to life and transform the pages into a colorful, delicious, realistic experience – one that, like the fantastic tale, you will not soon forget. And what is the meaning of time? That, you will have to ask the Hatter …

The event includes

  • Dinner with a performance featuring actors
  • Starters for the center of the table: Parmesan bread accompanied by salsas, mini cheese polenta and mushrooms in teriyaki, mushroom and cheese enchilada, "Nehama" salad with and stir fried mushrooms, "foccachina alfredo" with basil sauce.
  • Main course of choice: Roasted salmon steak with garden vegetables and hot quinoa / Dennis fillet on mushroom risotto / sweet potato gnocchi stuffed with mushroom cream and Parmesan
  • Double dessert: Chocolate dessert of after-rain mushrooms with a full of chocolate treats harvested in the morning in the adjacent garden.
  • Glass of wine

General Notes

  • Vegetarian option is available
  • Photography: Lina Miara
  • Seating in the event is according to the order of arrival. It is recommended to arrive from 19:30

About the Location

In the heart of Jerusalem’s Sacher Park is a magical café — Café Gan Sipur, which combines good food with a love of books and enriching activities for the community. The café offers a varied menu and rich culinary experience alongside special services, including a library of books for children and adults for reading on the premises, and cultural activities. The café has a dairy and fish menu for children, under the direction of Chef Tal Golestani, who uses only fresh ingredients of the highest quality. Enjoy excellent cakes, fresh pasta, tempting fish, Italian-style coffee, and special breakfasts. Café Gan Sipur is suitable for both romantic dates and family meals. The Hebrew menu contains vowels so that the young customers can read it easily and choose their own meals. Even the sinks are at the proper height for children.

Café Gan Sipur in Jerusalem was part of the initiative the Jerusalem Development Company and the Jerusalem municipality to upgrade Sacher Park. The project includes the construction of an amphitheater, a café, and a pergola with a view to the east, creating a dialogue with the geography and the landscape of Sacher Park. The project preserves the character of the park, which is so closely identified with the capital, as an open space that corresponds to the park’s topography.

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