An ecstasy of senses in the old city

A tasting tour around the markets of the old city

Where Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem

- Havatzelet Ohayon

- Meeting point - Jaffa Gate near the Information Center


A tasting tour around the markets of the old city

The Old City of Jerusalem is a sparkling diamond, a fine gem, and an addictive experience. To know it for real, you have to feel it with all the senses, It’s not enough to see the bright colors, you have to touch the ancient stones. It’s not enough to hear the hustle and bustle, you have to listen to the unique sounds. And even that isn’t enough, you must taste the delicacies scattered between the alleys…

Join us on a special journey, Together we will spend some exciting time in the Old City: we will explore its colorful markets; We will smell the fresh spices grinding right in front of our eyes in a small shop; In a local hummus place, we’ll taste amazing hummus that will warm our hearts; Taste Halva from Nablus; And in an authentic bakery, we will taste little “baklavas” that are bursting with flavors

The event includes

  • A tour around the markets of the old city
  • Tastings: hummus, oriental sweets, halva, coffee / tea and some more surprises