Beer with Ramesses

A museum tour, a lecture, and a meeting of flavors all surrounding beer brewing in ancient Egypt

Where Shmuel Stephan Weiz Street 21, ירושלים, ישראל

- Shapiro Beer, Dr. Michael Klutstein

- Bible Lands Museum


A museum tour, a lecture, and a meeting of flavors all surrounding beer brewing in ancient Egypt

We will start with a brief tour of the Bible Lands Museum, where several magical exhibits will inspire our imagination and disclose who drank beer in the ancient world, and why.

On the way back to the future, the experts from the Shapiro Brewery will host us for a beer tasting and spellbinding personal brewery story, tell us about brewing in the modern era, and give us their insights on the best beers of our time.

When we are ready to picture imbibing with King Ramesses, Dr. Michael Klutstein will reveal what kind of beer Ramses drank. Dr. Klutstein will share the methods and recipes he discovered for recreating ancient beer.

The event includes

  • A tour of the Bible Lands Museum following the drinking habits of ancient people from the west
  • Meet with "Shapira" Brewery experts to talk about the beer production process today and their specialty beers with tastings, drinks and snacks
  • Dr. Michael Klutstein's Lecture – “A New Approach to Restoring Ancient Food by Reviving Yeast from Ancient Beer"
  • Bottle of “Shapira” beer for every visitor

General Notes

  • For museum members, the ticket price is NIS 40, with a coupon code that was sent by the museum newsletter and by presenting a valid membership card at the entrance to the event.

About the Location

The “Bible Lands Museum” Jerusalem presents a rare and unique antique collection of its kind in the world of thousands of items and tells our story through it – where we came from and how we got here. The people who lived in this region and the empires that ruled and changed throughout history are largely responsible for the design and character of the Western culture that we know today. They have developed and advanced our understanding of science and technology, language and writing, economics and trade, faith and religion.

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