Between Ein Karem and Oreino

An hors d'oeuvre-filled tour through the Ein Karem streets

Where Karma, עין כרם, ירושלים, ישראל

- Ataliya Ein MorPnina Ein-Mor

- Meeting Point - In front of Karma restaurant


An hours d’oeuvre-filled tour through the Ein Karem streets

Ein Karem is a quintessential Mediterranean village with grapevine canopies, fig trees and carob gardens.

The chef Atalya Ein Mor and her mother, the tour guide Pnina Ein Mor, will lead you to wander through the village’s alleyways; recount its legends, and open a window to its captivating landscapes. To the melodious sounds of the Bouzouki, they will tell you about the connection between the village of Oreino, which sits on the edge of a Cretan mountain, and the picturesque Jerusalem village of Ein Karem. The journey will wind down at Atalya’s home, with tastings of Greek appetizers and ouzo to top off the festivities.


The event includes

  • Guided tour of Ein Kerem by the owner of the "Ein Kerem legend", Pnina Ein Mor
  • Hospitality at the home of chef Atalia Ein Mor
  • 4 ouzo cups per person
  • Dacos - bread with crushed tomato and feta sheep
  • Scordilla - Greek almond spread
  • tzatziki
  • Spankopithecia
  • Dolma - Stuffed vine leaves
  • For dessert: Greek yogurt with homemade jam
  • A glass of Janis roses raki

General Notes

  • Photographers: Efrat Lichtenstet, Michal Fattal, Anat fizer, Tomer Foltyn

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