Breaking a record of Sandwiches

Prepare Rachel Ben Elul's secret sandwich – the XL version

Where Sderot Ben Maimon 13, ירושלים, ישראל

- Rachel Ben-elul

- Rachel on the avenue


Prepare Rachel Ben Elul’s secret sandwich – the XL version

Rachel Ben Elul’s sandwich has long since become an appetizing sensation. Each sandwich is a work of art, stuffed with flavorful ingredients. There are no rules in preparing these sandwiches, and miraculously all the ingredients work in harmony, satisfying every palate.

In the centrally located eatery on the most beautiful avenue in Jerusalem, on an 8-meter long banquet table, an oversized bun awaits you. Slowly layer on cheeses, vegetables, fruits, antipasti, fresh spices, and spreads from here, there, and everywhere. Don’t forget Rachel’s homemade tapenades. When your handiwork is done, bite into your appetizing masterpiece, and for dessert indulge in an unforgettable Tunisian banana “brik” pastry.

The event includes

  • A meeting with Rachel Ben Elul and a conversation about the way she has gone on as a master chef and ever since
  • Collecting a huge bun sandwich according to your gastronomic preference: vegan or 'all-inclusive'
  • Taste of the giant sandwich
  • Banana dessert

General Notes

  • Photos by Ron Yarkoni

About the Location

In the heart of the Rehavia neighborhood, on the most magical avenue in the city, is the diamond in the crown, Rachel Ben Elul’s sandwich institution. Fresh and warm buns are filled with all the goods here: fried egg and dried tomatoes , tuna and cornichons pickles and even spicy cheeses made on the spot. the more the better. Everything goes and everything tastes good.

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