Dining with Dada

A seven-course meal inspired by artists

Where HaEla 2, Abu Ghosh, ישראל

- Nadav Melin

- HaMatpera - The Culinary Gallery


A seven-course meal inspired by artists

They hoped for a better world, one without war, which is why they wanted to create the world anew, with no order or logic. The Dadaists questioned everything that existed and all that was familiar in society, culture, and art. They created art and anti-art, chaos and entropy. To this day, artists create works in homage to the Dadaists who inspire them – works that challenge the conventional and the familiar. Now, the Dadaists are about to receive a different kind of tribute – a culinary one.

Chef Nadav Malin, who creates culinary experiences inspired by great artists, will be hosting a Dadaist-style meal in honor of the OpenRestaurants™ festival. A Dadaist meal is surprising, unexpected, aesthetic, and varied. This is not an ordinary meal, but rather an experience of revelation and creation, flavors and aromas, textures and sensations, and memories. Get ready for a seven-course banquet with an especially creative menu in the Dadaist spirit.

The event includes

  • First course: "Anti-pasta" - excellent Neapolitan pasta, smoked goose breast, breadcrumbs, pickled egg yolk and snow-peas.
  • Second course: "yes-no black and white fish" - A "dual" dish: cooked fish and raw fish, black sauce and white fish, black garlic and white garlic flower, black pomegranate leaves and white edible flowers.
  • Third course: "Land and Sea" - fish and meat. The meat is served with a "Wakame" seaweed and the fish will have a distinctly "earthy" flavor accompanied by the forest king mushroom.
  • Forth dish: "Nature morte" (still nature)
  • Fifth course : "DaDa duck" - duck, blood orange, red potato cream, red cabbage cream, beet cream, wine foam and hibiscus blueberry sauce.
  • Sixth course: lamb shoulder and "cubist" vegetables - the shoulder is rolled into a medallion and stuffed with colorful carrots and root vegetables.
  • Seventh dish : a "collage" of sweets
  • Drink: Opening cocktail, water: still and sparkling

General Notes

  • Photo by: Or Kaplan
  • This is a preset menu. If there are allergies and specific food preferences, please contact and update Louisa Catering Offices. Tel. 02-5337120

About the Location

The Culinary Gallery, a project of Chef Nadav Malin, combines creative menus that go beyond the traditional, set concepts of cuisine into various artistic methods and movements.

The Matpera, an event space, is located in a former textile factory in the village of Abu Gosh in the Jerusalem Hills. The Matpera is designed in an eclectic-industrial style that gives visitors a special feeling, piques curiosity, and inspires.