Jerusalem style baking with Amir Naor

Unique Taste of History Workshop

Where Derech HaAhayot 25, Jerusalem, ישראל

- Shira PalulyAmir Naor

- Studio Arcadia


Eating is one of our most basic actions as humans. Food connects us to our land, the environment we came from, the people and the traditions. One of the foods that most fully expresses our immanent connection to food is the dough in its various forms. From the most basic to the complexities of it, the dough represents tradition and the evolution of culture

Chef Amir Naor, a graduate of the legendary Arcadia Restaurant, Arcadia Studio Chef and one of the founders of Jerusalem “Gourmet Garage”, who researches Israeli culinary, will host a baking workshop that will return to basics, explore the present and future. together with the chef Shira Paluly they will explore Jerusalem cooking trough a dough. They will prepare various baked goods that tell the Jewish and Jerusalem story: hands-on focaccia Arcadia with toppings,”bourekas” spinach and Jerusalem bans, Arcadia rolls from mixed flour and Armenian pizza.

We will discuss how geographic and tradition contributes to the rise of an innovative language of cuisine and why today’s Israeli culinary world is so intriguing.  We will continue with testing the goods we prepared, alongside a salad, olive oil, tahini yogurt, olives and a glass of wine.

The event includes

  • Semi-Practical baking workshop for making various dough dishes on stone oven
  • Tastes a selection of dips to be prepared in the workshop, accompanied by leaf salad and dips: olive oil, tahini yoghurt and olives
  • A glass of white / red / rosé wine to choose from. Other wines and a selection of other drinks can be purchased at the Arcadia Studio bar
  • Mineral water

About the Location

In the heart of the village of Ein Karem in Jerusalem, Chef Ezra Kedem has been working to define Israeli cuisine and spread the word about it. He began his journey in 1995 when he founded the Arcadia Restaurant in Jerusalem, an important institution in Israeli culinary culture. Chef Kedem has worked over the years to develop Israeli cuisine based on fresh local ingredients, some of which he grows organically himself; a search for flavors, a blending of different flavors from various cultures in Israel, particularly in Jerusalem, a melting pot for East and West Jerusalem and a culinary journey of contemporary personal interpretation of the flavors of his childhood and his world view.

As part of his culinary perspective and in fulfillment of a dream, the staff of Chef Ezra Kedem’s studio use the daytime hours for cultivating the land, agriculture, and growing seasonal crops. The kitchen staff divides their time between land and plate: They cultivate the farmland and examine the local growing conditions of the region. At sunset, they enter the restaurant’s kitchen to create the entrées that celebrate the essence of the place, the soil, the wind, the rain, and the sun.

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