Fish workshop

The art of selecting, filleting, and preparing fish

Where Happy Fish, שלמה המלך, ירושלים, ישראל

- Oshri Zaafrani

- Happy Fish


The art of selecting, filleting, and preparing fish

The Mamilla hotel’s chef, Oshri Za’afrani dives down with you into the depths in the workshop where you will learn all about expert fish preparation.

Begin with a tour of various restaurant kitchens, peek in on Sabbath meal preparations, and hone your skills in the hands-on workshop. Learn how to choose fresh catch; when to buy fish; how to fillet, cut, handle, and store fish; and familiarize yourself with different preparation methods. You will prepare and dine on a number of fish dishes cooked in various styles:

Ceviche with cucumber and onion, Argyrosomus sashimi with pickled lemon, pickled radishes and tomato seeds, Salmon carpaccio with coriander, avocado, red grapefruit and chili, Red tuna tartare with cucumber, wasabi and pickled ginger, Fillet of seafood in spicy tomato sous with hot challah bread , and the crowning glory: – fish fillet in a hreimeh sauce, eaten with warm challah!

The event includes

  • A tour of the Happy Fish restaurant kitchens at the Mamila Hotel
  • A glimpse of Saturday morning preparations at the hotel
  • Fish Preparation Workshop - Explanation, demonstration and preparation
  • Shared Dinner of the above described dishes

General Notes

  • Photography: Daniel Lailah, Afik Gabay

About the Location

A kosher Jerusalem fish restaurant in an Israeli Mediterranean aroma overlooking Mamilla Avenue. All menu dishes at the Fish Restaurant are based on unique fresh ingredients. Selected wines and a variety of authentic desserts complement a vibrant Mediterranean experience.