Gifts from nature

A picking tour of the Jerusalem Hills, cooking workshop and a 7 course meal

Where קיימא - ארגון נוער סביבתי חברתי, Beit Zayit, Israel

- Avivit Joti BercoviciNadav Melin

- The Kaima Farm


A picking tour of the Jerusalem Hills, cooking workshop and a 7 course meal

Imagine a boundless restaurant that serves an unlimited variety of dishes.
Everything in the restaurant is novel and exciting, bursting with flavor, intriguing, fresh, and refreshing. All you have to do is help yourself…
Join us for a picking tour of the largest open restaurant there is – nature itself. Fresh nature-picking expert, Avivit Joti Berkowitz, will lead you on a discovery to taste the bounty that lies in the Jerusalem Hills.

Wander the hills; gather wild edible plants, vegetables, herbs, and other surprises from nature; and together with Chef Nadav Melin prepare a sumptuous seven-course meal that is all about the genuine natural food that you have harvested. You will make the meal on the premises of a sustainable farm, with organic vegetables and quality raw ingredients, all using cooking tools and utensils made from natural materials.

The event includes

  • A gathering tour of the Jerusalem mountains and preparing a 7-course meal in the field of "The Kayma Farm” with the raw materials you collected:
  • Dates stuffed with marzipan, pistachios and nuts
  • Minestrone soup in a “Poike” with a variety of wild herbs
  • Beet carpaccio roasted on charcoal with wild mustard leaves, olive oil and pure silan (date syrup)
  • wild fennel "taboole" salad with fruits from the ella tree and an abundant of wild herbs
  • butter potato and "Alei HaAvaz" leavs sauteed with Chimichuri tapanad
  • "Frinata" of wild loof leaves and herbs pesto
  • "Hobiza" salad with citrus and macademia nuts
  • Apple Crumble with charoob powder
  • Natural white wine of Jessy Bodec

General Notes

  • The menu describes is an example - The dishes can vary according to what nature has to offer
  • Photos by: Tomer Foltyn

About the Location

The Kaima Farm in Beit Zayit is a unique place for teenagers who have left school, run away from home, or dropped out of society. It is a place where these teens can grow, create, feel that they are participating in a meaningful endeavor, and are an important part of the society around them

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