Hummus: A class act

Hummus, opera, and a fundraiser for the Ma’aseh-beh (Good Deeds In…) project

Where Even Sapir, Israel

- Tammy KrishpeinRonit Erlich

- House of Wheels & Ma’aseh-beh


Hummus, opera, and a fundraiser for the Ma’aseh-beh (Good Deeds In…) project

Join us for a magical afternoon in which anything can happen, where fabulous hummus and heart-touching opera come together. Great-tasting hummus with soft, golden chickpeas and delicious side dishes awaits you in the nonprofit “House of Wheels”.

The opera starts when the meal ends. Soprano Shiri Hershkovitz and pianist Raviv Leibzirer will take the stage, giving you an up-close look at the world of opera. They will tell stories and perform well-known and beloved arias from “The Barber of Seville” and “My Fair Lady.”

For dessert Turkish coffee, herbal tea, and a sweet delicacy made of dates will be served.

Note: The event is a fundraiser for a new project lead by the House of Wheels. The event space and the café will be run by young participants in the House of Wheels program.

The event includes

  • Hummus and Extras: Fava beans, Vegetable Salad, Pickles, Tempura Fried Vegetables, Hard boiled Egg, Spicy salsa
  • Drinks: : A glass of wine or an Arak cocktail . additional alcoholic drinks can be purchased onsite
  • Dessert: brewed black coffee, Tea and a bite of sweet date delicacy
  • Opera show: Soprano singer Shiri Hershkowitz and pianist Raviv Leibsirer will tell secrets of the Opera world and will perform with opera songs from "The Tailor of Seville" and "My Fair Lady"

General Notes

  • The incomes from the event will be donated to the project of “Ma’aseh-beh” A space, to be operated by the graduators of “House of Wheels”.
  • Photography: Naama Erlich

About the Location

House of Wheels (Beit HaGalgalim), a nationwide organization for young people and adults with physical disabilities, features six facilities open to various populations from throughout Israeli society. Each house provides a fun and meaningful social and educational setting where people can gain experience in life skills and interpersonal interaction.

Ma’aseh-beh is an employment project launched by chefs and hostesses Tami Krispin and Ronit Erlich at House of Wheels, funded by your generous contributions. This initiative will enable the young people who participate in House of Wheels to use their abilities and talents by hosting visitors who attend workshops, lectures, or events, or who just come for a cup of coffee or a good meal to enjoy the magical view.

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