Jerusalem Syndrome

Gallery talk following a photo exhibition

Where Mamilla Hotel, Shlomo ha-Melekh Street, Jerusalem, Israel

- Chef Alexander Lachnish "Zoonder", Roshianu &Moloko

- Mamilla Hotel


Gallery talk following a photo exhibition

Molecular chef Alexander ‘zoonder’ Lachanish and the photographers Sivan and Alon Roshino invite you to a gallery talk following the joint exhibition of the three ‘Jerusalem Syndrome’.

In the three-piece art project, created especially for the 2017 OpenRestaurants Festival, they shatter our familiar perceptions, disassemble and rebuild images and sail as far as possible on the waves of imagination. Through surreal photographs and dishes from this world, the three create a “new” Jerusalem – funny, enticing, surprising and far removed from the conservative image and traditions that adhere to it.

This year, the exhibition is coming to the Mamila Hotel and the three will host a gallery talk. We will hear about their sources of inspiration – between the studio and the kitchen, the collaborative work and what between food and art. Join us for a meeting that will spark the imagination.


The event includes

  •   “Jerusalem Syndrome” Photo Exhibition
  • A gallery talk with Chef Alexander Lachnish and the photographers Sivan and Alon Roshiano

General Notes

  • Photos by: Sivan and Alon Roshiano

About the Location

In the beating heart of downtown Jerusalem, near Alrov Mamilla Avenue, with its lively shopping and entertainment area, and opposite the spectacular Old City walls, the Tower of David, and Jaffa Gate, is the boutique, luxury Mamilla Hotel. Its placement in Jerusalem combines old and new harmoniously in a location that is the perfect blend of Jerusalem’s rich historical and spiritual heritage and the life of a modern city. The hotel was designed in collaboration with the world-renowned architect Moshe Safdie and superior designer Piero Lissoni.

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