Jullius comes to the Barood

Barood hosts a winter food fest with the Jullius Distillery

Where Jaffa Road 31, ירושלים, ישראל

- Yuval Joov Hargil

- Barood


Barood hosts a winter food fest with the Jullius Distillery

Fruit distillations have always been a favorite with Danielle Lerer, Barood’s founder. To this day, the shelves of her bar hold one of Israel’s most splendid schnapps collections — which means that her romance with the Jullius Distillery in the Galilee, which specializes in distilling local fruit, is only natural.

On this chilly winter evening, Danielle will host Jullius’s chief distiller, Yuval (Joov) Hargil, for a feast that will be very warm indeed. Drinks from the Jullius Distillery will be served throughout the evening, such as eau de vie (grappa) made from the pomace left from winemaking, plum Slivovitz, gin, and herbal digestifs.

You will hear the pioneering account of Jullius, Israel’s first boutique distillery, and learn how the beverages are made. Drinks will be flowing, snacks from Barood’s kitchen will complement the spirits, and Barood’s Sephardic-Jerusalem menu will be available if you want to order a bit more (for an extra charge).

The event includes

  • Alcohol tastings from the Julius Distillery: Eau de Vie Produced from a Grape ("Grappa"), Plums “Slibovich”, Gin, and Dezestiff Herbs
  • Two Boykos (Cheese Pastry)
  • "Matias" fish dip and sour cream
  • Syrian olive saucepan with hot pepper
  • * You can order from the restaurant menu - with an additional cost

General Notes

  • Photography: Ilya Melnikov

About the Location

If the Calette serios ‘Cheers’ was filmed in Israel, it would probably have happened in the Barood. Everyone here knows your name, your favorite drink and food. The walls carry years of local history, collected over the years – posters, pictures and whatnot. Danielle Lerer’s mythological pub was opened in 1995 in the magical Fingold yard. Daniel, a real Jerusalemite, brought to this little place her great loves – music, alcohol, food and hospitality. She brought the food from her childhood home, a Spanish kitchen with dishes from Turkish, Bulgarian and Greek cuisine. The famous dish here is Fastillicos – baked pastry meat and nuts, and house drink is vodka in different flavors.

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