Workshop on preparing meat knafeh

Where HaEgoz Street 15, ירושלים, ישראל

- Yigal Franko

- knaf


Workshop on preparing meat knafeh

In the workshop, Yigal will entrust you with his knafeh recipe – the most unique in the area – with tidbits on the ingredients and preparation tips. You will put together the knafeh of your choice from among juicy, high-quality meat fillings and special sauces, roast it — and then, when all the preparations and cooking are done, you will bite into your knafeh creation with a glass of chilled lemonade.

The event includes

  • Revealing the secret recipe to Kanaf
  • Preparation of meat Knafeh in a pan accompanied by explanations
  • Each participant adapts the dish to his personal taste, from a variety of combinations: asado, lamb on eggplant core, special sauces, special jams
  • Each participant will receive the Knafeh dish he prepared
  • A glass of cold lemonade

General Notes

  • Vegan option is available

About the Location

The little KNAF restaurant in the Mahane Yehuda market is hiding a big secret and once you find out, you will get addicted. Here you will find a “Knafeh” delight you have not met so far. In front of the guest’s eyes, Yigal Franco juggles hot pans, with unbelievable filling and toppings and creates a meaty “knafeh” that is the luscious dream of every carnivore and not just.

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