Mexican Love Story

A taco-preparation workshop and an encounter of love and food

Where Queen Shlomziyon Street 11, ירושלים, ישראל

- Luis,Leah and Yittie

- Tacos Luis


A taco-preparation workshop and an encounter of love and food

Chef Luis Cruz, a native of Mexico, found his way to the love of his life, and his life’s work, in the heart of Jerusalem. Now he takes you behind the scenes of the world’s happiest kitchen with a workshop on the art of taco creation, offered with a generous helping of stories on food and romance. Luis and his partners, Leah and Yati, will teach you how to prepare tortillas, make tacos with a Jerusalem twist, and fill traditional tamales wrapped in corn husks. You will taste corn chips dipped in homemade guacamole and salsa, pozole (soup from corn kernels), churros with Mexican-style hot chocolate, and — of course — mezcal, since you’re in Mexico, after all.

The event includes

  • A practical workshop for making tortillas, assembling tacos and making corn-based tamales
  • Stories about love and tacos - how the love story that started in a remote city in Mexico led to the opening of a restaurant in the capital of Israel
  • Alcohol - Mezkel and Puncha (Traditional Hot Wine Reinforced)
  • Mexican meal: fries with guacamole and salsa, “fusula” soup - traditional corn grain soup, “tamales” - stuffed and steamed corn dumplings in corn leaf, tacos
  • Churros with Mexican hot chocolate

General Notes

  • The event is possible to vegetarians by advance notice to the restaurant: 02-663-9992
  • Photos by: Tomer Foltyn

About the Location

The story of this small Mexican restaurant begins fifteen years ago in Mexico. Leah, a recently-discharged Israeli soldier, was on her post-army trip. Her destination was Mexico, where she would ended up learning Spanish and staying in the Cruz family home for a period of time. Five years later, a member of the Cruz family contacted Leah, who meanwhile joined her sister Yettie in New York, where they learned culinary managment.

Leah and the young man — Luis, of course — corresponded for months. Luis completed his gastronomy studies , worked in leading restaurants in Mexico, and finally decided to travel to New York. There, in the Big Apple, a romance developed between Luis and Leah.

Luis converted to Judaism, and he and Leah came to Israel with a plan to open a Mexican restaurant in Jerusalem. They were joined by Leah’s sister, Yettie, who earned a degree in culinary cooking, and the three of them began a crowdfunding project to fulfill their dream. As is fitting for a story out of legend, the project took off, and now every Jerusalemite knows the exact spot on Queen Shlomziyon Street where the wonderful tacos are.

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