Mix & Match

Mixology workshop overlooking the Old City walls

Where Shlomo HaMelech 11, ירושלים, ישראל

- Kfir Bahar

- Mirror Bar - Mamilla Hotel


Mixology workshop overlooking the Old City walls

Kfir Bachar, the Mamilla Hotel’s master wine and spirit sommelier, takes you behind the Mirror Bar on a journey to pursue the flavors and connections that fine alcohol gifts us. You will learn how to upgrade each meal with a pleasant, balanced beverage and how to surprise your guests each time anew.

Bachar will weave stories of past, present, and future, recounting the history of alcohol and envisioning what’s in store in the years to come. You will sip surprising cocktails, snack on dishes paired to accompany them, and finish the event more content and enlightened.

Cocktails will be accompanied by tapas dishes prepared by Chef Oshri Zaafrani.

The event includes

  • Historical overview of alcohol beverages in general and cocktails in particular
  • Talk about the future of the alcohol world
  • Demonstration of connection to local raw materials (dates, almonds, pomegranates, za'atar, basil and more) and the integration of seasonal and fresh fruits with the various beverages
  • .Taste 6 cocktails based on vodka, gin, rum, tequila and whiskey and learn how to balance flavors and using advanced techniques
  • Learn which dish to serve with each cocktail
  • Sparkling water

General Notes

  • Photography: Daniel Lailah, Afik Gabay

About the Location

The Mirror Bar is a trendy design bar with a vibrant atmosphere, where you can enjoy great music and fine food.
The bar offers a rich selection of alcohol and wine. cigar lovers will enjoy an exclusive experience which is offered in a transparent cigar bar.

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