Pizza, please

hands on pizza workshop for kids at Craft Pizza

Where HaTapu'ach Street 12, ירושלים, ישראל

- Miri and David Kaplan

- Craft pizza


hands on pizza workshop for kids at Craft Pizza

Show us a child who doesn’t like pizza, and we’ll show you a child who never tasted pizza prepared by Miri and David Kaplan. The Kaplans are meticulous when it comes to bringing together the best ingredients for their sourdough crust. The result is pizza that all parents will be happy to serve to their children.

Now it’s the children’s turn to learn how to prepare the perfect pizza. In this imagination-filled workshop, we will play with the dough, learn all about the preparation process, and bake our own irresistible personal pizza, which the children will get to take home, together with a written recipe for homemade pizza that you can whip up together as a family.

The event includes

  • Playing with dough
  • Explanations of the pizza preparation process
  • Individual pizza preparation
  • A written recipe for home-made pizza
  • Each child will receive the pizza he made
  • 10% discount on the pizza menu for parents of participating children

General Notes

  • Photos by Asaf Kerla

About the Location

Craft Pizza, the small pizzeria that opened in the Mahane Yehuda market, was soon crowned one of the best pizzerias in the world. Craft was founded by the couple Miri and David Kaplan, who decided to focus on quality ingredients and learned the art of making sour-dough pizza.