Secrets between the alleys

A walking tour of the Old City with a home visit

Where Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem

- Havatzelet Ohayon

- Meeting Point - Jaffa Gate


A walking tour of the Old City with a home visit

Join us for a special peek into the hidden corners of the Old City: a visit to the Muslim Quarter, where we will be hosted by the Nabulsi family. We will hear stories, sample delicacies, get to know unique and different cultures, and wander the alleyways as we find out the secret of their charm.

We will visit the Muslim Quarter, the most crowded of the Old City’s quarters, where we will glance into a private courtyard and gain insight into a distinct and fascinating culture. While being hosted in the Nabulsi family home, prepare to be enthralled by the family’s history, and taste local, traditional foods such as an authentic dish of bulgur and vegetables.

We will proceed to the Christian Quarter, where we will stop in some of its small tea houses and the men’s Old City hangouts. Along the way, we will taste divine halva and traditional Eastern sweets.

The event includes

  • Hosting and tasting traditional dishes. Taste an authentic stew of burgundy and vegetables
  • A tour of the Old City and tastings of traditional toasted cookies and tea, milkweed, and traditional sweets

General Notes

  • Photos by Tomer Foltyn
  • The tour will be held in Hebrew only

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