Sense the City

A multi-sensory experience that will change everything you thought about food!

Where Tsahal Square, Jerusalem

- Meeting point - Tsahal Square


A multi-sensory experience that will change everything you thought about food!

Forget everything you knew about food, and get ready to taste it anew. Embark with us on a stimulating experiential journey in the Old City of Jerusalem that will fool your senses, play with your imagination, and constantly surprise you. Sense the city – a first in Israel, exclusively for the OpenRestaurants™ festival – is a journey among six different stations in the magical alleys of the Old City. It will sharpen your senses and challenge your gastronomic assumptions.

This inspirational, appetizing 90-minute encounter is ideal for couples, families, and children from age 10 and up, seeking a different kind of quest. We won’t reveal too much here… Let us surprise you. Curious? Come and check it out!

This venture is a collaboration between entrepreneur Shlomit Atzaba and Merav Oren, and this event is the first stop on its global excursion.

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The event includes

  • Self-guided tour
  • A Journey between six experimental stops throughout the Old City
  • In some of the stations there are tastings

General Notes

  • The event includes small tastings only
  • Tastings containing lactose and nuts will be given during the tour. It is the responsibility of participants with various food allergies to contact us in order to receive the full ingredient specifications.
  • The activity starts at Tsahal square,at the ITRAVEL tourist information
  • Comfortable shoes are recommended
  • Please arrive fifteen minutes ahead of time
  • A team that arrives late will have to wait until a free round

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