Shabbath Diner

The international travelers’ community chef dinner and musical performance

Where HaNevi'im 67, Jerusalem, ישראל

- Stav Nave

- Abraham Hostel


The international travelers’ community chef dinner and musical performance

Sabbath dinner has long since become a tradition at Abraham Hostel. Every Friday evening, the guests from all over the world – gather for a shared meal at the hostel’s genuinely local kitchen. The guests smell, taste, feel, hear, and deeply immerse themselves in a complete Jewish Sabbath experience in all its cultural and culinary diversity. This is where cross-border friendships are formed over a slice of challah.

For OpenRestaurants™ festival, the hostel welcomes all who are interested in attending the most festive Sabbath dinner in town. Join Chef Stav Naveh in the kitchen to prepare an Israeli Sabbath feast, with twists on favorite, familiar dishes. Gather for a meal infused with fascinating tales and friendships, and during dessert, musician Amir Schreiber will set the mood for Sabbath with melodic Israeli hits.

The event includes

  • Perfect stuffed vine leaves, with sour cream dip and tomatoes, onions and parsley salsa
  • Whole chicken stuffed with rice, herbs and pine nuts
  • Herbs and pine nuts rice as a side dish
  • Mashed potatoes and caramelized onions
  • A Colorful fresh vegetable salad
  • Quinoa herbs and cranberries salad with a special dressing
  • Salad of-Black lentils, sweet potato cubes, coriander, green onions, purple onions and arugula
  • A glass of sangria and a glass of wine for each participant

General Notes

  • The activity will be held in English
  • Those who are interested in joining the preparations are invited to come to the hostel at 17:30
  • Dinner starts at 20:00
  • Photography: Tomer Foltyn

About the Location

The Abraham hostel is located in the city center next to Davidka square. It is named after the number one host in Jewish history, Abraham Avinu. The hostel seeks to continue the tradition of magnificent biblical hospitality in Jerusalem by providing a solution for travelers seeking a suitable place to rest their heads at night, and to provide information and advice that will make their stay in the city even more interesting. This is not a place for picky travelers, as the greatness of the place is the rich content available to the travelers. Not only tips and information but also concerts, parties, and events that create a common space for meeting and conversations between tourists from all over the world.

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