Tales of food in the Old City

A tasting tour among the alleyways

Where Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem

- Tamar Shilo

- Meeting Point - Jaffa Gate


Wandering the streets of the Old City, we will be spellbound by the storekeepers and cooks we meet, listening to their stories of the rich culinary culture that grew amid the city’s narrow walls.

Many hummus eateries are nestled among the souvenir shops and Western-style juice stalls. At Hummus Arafat, we will break off delicate pieces of pita bread to scoop up hummus that is fresh off the fire and crushed and ground into a perfect paste. Besides it will be a dish piled high with genuine maqluba right from the pot. We will visit Sea of Herbs owned by Yitzhak and Yaakov, two Muslim brothers who sell the best spices in Israel, and we’ll taste seasoning mixtures of all sorts. For dessert we will go to Abu Aziz’s sweet shop, stocked with goodies from neighboring Arab countries: awameh (sweet dumplings) floating in honey and mini baklava pastries. We will stop by Abed’s for fresh fruit juice, and make sure not to miss sampling the Nablus halva.

The event includes

  • Tour of booths and dining houses in the Old City
  • Meetings and stories with merchants and cooks
  • Hummus tasting in Arafat hummus
  • Different types of spice mixes tastings
  • A taste of "Awaame" and "baklavas" at Abu Aziz
  • Halva tasting and juices at Abed

General Notes

  • Photography: Tomer Foltyn
  • The event will be held in English

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