Tavern in the market

Appetizers, music, and ouzo

Where Casino de Paris, מחנה יהודה, ירושלים, ישראל

- Yoav MizrahiAvishai Mizrahi

- Casino de Paris


Appetizers, music, and ouzo

Night falls on the market and Casino de Paris transforms into a tavern. Classic checkered tablecloths, waiters who approach your table in light Sirtaki dance steps, and a Greek Lycabettus band that delivers a beat with sounds from Athens to Istanbul will make you immediately feel like you are partying on a majestic Greek beach.

Perfect the experience with a drink and a starter prepared exclusively for the festival. And to arouse your appetite, you are invited to dive into the special menu, straight from Mount Olympus. Drink, dine, dance on the tables, shatter plates, and connect, for a moment, with your inner Zorba the Greek!

Yassou, dear friends!

The event includes

  • A Drink - Ouzo glass / Arak / Beer / Ouzo Lemonade or Grapefruit +Tapas - Stuffed vine leavs / Fava .
  • Special dining menu for the festival(not included in the ticket): Burrekas, pickled sardines, fava, Greek salad, vegetarian moussaka, fruit plate, Greek pizza with olive feta and zucchini.
  • Special alcohol menu for the festival(not included in the ticket): Ouzo / Arak cocktails, "Ziporro" (Greek anise drink), Greek wine, beers.

About the Location

The casino is the first bar to open inside the Mahane Yehuda market, in the courtyard of the Georgian shuk. The tapas and food bar, owned by Shaanan Streett and Eli Mizrahi, former chairman of Mahane Yehuda’s board of directors, opened atop the ruins of the Casino de Paris, which was notorious during the Mandate era, and quickly transformed it into the best place in the city to bring artists together with market-stall owners, tourists, and Jerusalemites young and old. The menu features a variety of local beer, wine, and terrific cocktails alongside small dishes created in the nearby shuk and inspired by it.

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