The Eucalyptus

Chef for a day

Where Felt St 14, Jerusalem, Israel

- Chef Moshe Basson / Chef Ronny Basson

- The Eucalyptus


Chef for a day

If you are a chef at heart, the Eucalyptus will make your dream come true by making you a chef for a day. Enter the kitchen of one of Jerusalem’s most famous and beloved restaurants and reveal the pros’ secrets. Chefs Moshe and Ronny Basson will lead you through an unforgettable personal experience as you take an active part in preparing the dishes, dig a tasting fork into each one, and try your hand at plating them before they are brought out to the eager, hungry guests. At the end of the service, when the kitchen craziness calms down, you will be treated to a well-earned rest at the bar with tapas and cocktails.

The event includes

  • Active participation in preparing the dishes in the restaurant kitchen together with the chefs
  • Taste and Plate dishes
  • An intimate experience for 2 participants
  • Tapas and cocktails at the restaurant bar

General Notes

  • Photos by: Tomer Foltyn

About the Location

It all began with the eucalyptus tree that chef Moshe Basson planted as a child in his parent’s courtyard. Since then, Eucalyptus has moved several times, and also added to its reputation as a culinary institution of world renown that combines the traditions of biblical food with the Iraqi Jewish culinary heritage.

After opening the doors to the first Eucalyptus restaurant some 30 years ago, currently located on the seam between the Old City and bustling city center, chef Moshe Basson has now handed the reins to his son Ronny. Together they work to introduce modern elements to the known and much loved menu, based on local produce and herbs from the Judean Hills.

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