The flavor of Sabbath

A tasting tour of the Jewish street

Where Davidka Square, Jerusalem, Israel

- Yosef Shpaiser

- Meeting point - Davidka Square


A tasting tour of the Jewish street

In Jerusalem’s ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods, the Sabbath Queen starts preparing her Sabbath feast on Wednesday. The aromas floating out from the neighborhood’s kitchens herald the arrival of the special dishes that are prepared in honor of the day. We’ll welcome the Sabbath by sampling some of them.

Our tour will take us to extraordinary places in ultra-Orthodox Jerusalem, where we will dig into the dishes prepared in Eastern European kitchens such as pickled herring, gefilte fish, kugel, cholent, and cheese blintzes, as well as walnut crunch, kamishbrot (mandelbrot-type cookies), and honey cake.

What is the difference between kugel and kigel? What is gefilte fish made of in Europe, and why is it different in Israel? What’s inside kreplach? Where can you eat cholent throughout the week? Where does herring come from? And after this, what’s for dessert? Find out on this pre-Sabbath jaunt.

The event includes

  • Tour of Special Delis in Jerusalem's ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods
  • Tastings: Herring and Pickles, Gefiltte Fish, Kugel, Chulant, Cheese Blinches, “Crunch” Nut cake, and Camel “Leqach”
  • Stories and familiarity with Jewish-ultra-Orthodox cuisine

General Notes

  • Please be sure to dress modestly - women: skirt / dress that covers the knees
  • Comfortable shoes are recommended
  • The tour with Yosef Shpaiser will be held in English
  • Photography : Tomer Foltyn

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