The Old House in Ein Karem

A jam workshop and storytelling with the Queen of Jam

Where Derech HaAhayot 14, ירושלים, ישראל

- Shoshana Karbasi

- The ancient house in Ein Kerem


A jam workshop and storytelling with the Queen of Jam

In a centuries-old house, you will venture into a wild world of flavors and fantastic tales with Shoshana Karbassi, Ein Karem’s poet and jam queen. After a breakfast feast prepared by Shoshana herself, you will learn how to prepare scrumptious jams, and get a jar to take home with you. The flavors are plentiful and varied — sour and spicy, brimming with desire and passion — and there’s even a flavor called the Black Mother-in-Law. (What’s a “black mother-in-law” and what’s it got to do with jam?) Well, we promised you a wild time, and we keep our promises!

The event includes

  • Breakfast: Rustic cheeses served with nuts, jams, fruits and dips, "Shakshooka" with chili jam, breads, vegetables, French brioches and butter and a hot alcoholic cider.
  • Workshop for making three types of jams: sour, spicy and "my mother-in-law" jam.
  • Each participant will receive jars from the jams that we made
  • Along the workshop: alcoholic cider, almond "Rozata" and arac, herbs lemonade

General Notes

  • Photos by: Tomer Foltyn

About the Location

The Oldest House in Ein Kerem is the home of poet and storyteller Shoshana Karbassi. Part of it is 350 years old, and part of it was built in the nineteenth century. One of the most exciting homes in Jerusalem, it is a museum that hosts cultural and culinary activities, has an ancient winepress in the basement, and roofs with spectacular views. Visiting it is an experience that will take your breath away.

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