The secrets of baking at Atalya’s house

The art of the heavenly babka

Where Ein Kerem Street 9, ירושלים, ישראל

- Ataliya Ein Mor

- Atalia's House


The art of the heavenly babka

In Atalia Ein Mor’s enchanted old house in the heart and soul of Jerusalem’s Ein Karem neighborhood, we will discover the well-kept secret of the perfect babka — or, as they say in Hebrew, yeast cake.

We will knead the dough, add the filling, let it rise, and create an amazing babka, all while we enjoy the striking view from Ein Mor’s home. The workshop welcomes you with appetizers and tempts you with tastings. When the baking is done, you get to take your sweet, twisty delight home to enjoy.

The event includes

  • Practical preparation of Bebka cake along with explanations, recipes and excellent tips
  • Welcome snacks, Hot sangria, coffee and tea, organic apple juice
  • Cake to take home

General Notes

  • Entry to the event will be possible from the exact time indicated
  • Photographers: Efrat Lichtenstet, Tomer Foltyn

About the Location

Atalia Ein Mor was born and grew up in Ein Karem. After working in top-flight restaurants and years of cooking as a labor of love, she combined her heart’s desires by opening her lovely home in Ein Karem, with its breathtaking view of the Jerusalem hills, to guests who enjoy her excellent cuisine.

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