The third Sabbath meal

Saturday afternoon snacking tour in central Jerusalem

Where David HaMelech 26, ירושלים, ישראל

- Eran Shavit

- Meeting point: At the entrance to YMCA


Saturday afternoon snacking tour in central Jerusalem

It is customary to eat at least three meals on the Sabbath: the first on Friday evening, the second on Saturday morning, and the third meal on Sabbath afternoon, which is given special prominence. Small, light dishes are served to fill you up and make the Sabbath dining experience complete.

During the fall and winter months, Jerusalemites enter the cool mountainous air, leaving their warm, cozy homes to attend their third Sabbath feast. We will stroll to the restaurants, bars, and eateries in central Jerusalem that open their doors on Saturdays – to Jachnun Bar, where we will taste the Yemenite pastry that has become the perfect Sabbath dish; to Café Sira to sip hot-spiced cider; and to Etz Café, where we will indulge in a soul-warming wintery soup.

The event includes

  • A visit to food houses in central Jerusalem and tastings of Shabbat lunches :
  • Stop at the Jahanun bar
  • Coffee Cira -hot tea with spices
  • Etz Cafe- Winter soup

General Notes

  • photos by: Tomer foltyn
  • The tour will be held in Hebrew only

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