Two mothers, two cultures

A tour of two kitchens

Where Shmu'el HaNavi Street & Israel Aharon Fishel Street, ירושלים

- Pnina Ein-Mor

- Meeting point- Shmu'el HaNavi Street & Israel Aharon Fishel Street


We will visit two mothers from Jerusalem – women from very different cultures and backgrounds. We’ll sample their cooking and listen to stories from their lives as women and mothers in the environments where they live.

At the home  of Samira, a Muslim woman in Beit Safafa, we will taste delicacies from a Palestinian kitchen — stuffed grape leaves, maqluba, and a joy-inducing sweet cake known as basbousa — and hear about the fabric of life in the village, which was once divided between Jordan and Israel, and is today a Jerusalem neighborhood.

From there we will venture to the home of Rivka, an ultra-Orthodox woman who will introduce us to her way of life, the customs of arranged marriages and weddings, and reveal her biggest secret: how to raise a large family in a very small home. She will also share with us her children’s favorite noshes: Jerusalem noodle kugel and honey cake.

The event includes

  • Visit at two homes: of Samira, a Muslim woman in Beit Safafa and Rivka an ultra-Orthodox woman
  • Meal at Samira: stuffed grape leaves , Maklova, Sabusa
  • Meal at Rebecca's: Jerusalem "Kegel", spongecake
  • Travel by shuttle between the two points of the tour

General Notes

  • Please be sure to dress modestly - skirt or dress , men with yarmulke

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