Welcoming the Sabbath in Djerba

A lecture, hallah-making workshop, and traditional meal in the style of the Jews of Djerba

Where Jacko Street, Agripas Street 74, ירושלים, ישראל

- Chen KorenAvishag Shaar-Yashuv

- Jacko’s Street


A lecture, hallah-making workshop, and traditional meal in the style of the Jews of Djerba

On Fridays in Djerba (the island off the coast of Tunisia), the scent of the approaching Sabbath fills the air, and life in this ancient Jewish community is at its peak. Men walk to the kusha — the communal oven at the heart of Djerba’s Jewish community — carrying trays of braided hallah. Pots of hamin — the Sephardic version of cholent — will be brought to the kusha later on. Meanwhile, at home, the women sauté vegetables and put up pots of red hraime with lots of garlic and caraway, in which they cook fresh fish caught off the coast of the island.

Chen Koren and photographer Avishag Shaar-Yashuv, back from visiting Djerba, will bring the sensory and culinary experience to you here in Jerusalem in a special encounter. Avishag will speak and show her photographs, while Chen will share memories and teach you how to braid hallah. Then you will sit down to a traditional pre-Sabbath meal fresh from the island of Djerba.

The event includes

  • The story of Chen an Avishag about their visit in Djerba island with pictures
  • Djerba-style Challah making workshop
  • Traditional (almost) Shabbath meal: Traditional “Chrayme”, Tunisian “marmoore”, fried vegetables sticks, vegetarian couscous and dessert - pistachio and macarod marzipan.

About the Location

Who ever said that kosher food had to be boring? The reputation of Jacko’s Street, the chef’s restaurant in Jerusalem, has spread far and wide over the years thanks to the fresh ingredients that are transformed into current flavors that create interest with every bite. Under the direction of Chef Zakai Hooja, Jacko’s Street avoids substitutes such as margarine or non-dairy cream, and concentrates on creating unusual delicacies such as chicken liver in beef and green tea gravy.

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