Yellow Wind

A get-together and workshop on how corn has taken over the food industry

Where Jaffa Street 97, ירושלים, ישראל

- Daniela ZeltzerItay Peled

- The Moslalla balcony


A get-together and workshop on how corn has taken over the food industry

You’ll find it in soft drinks, breakfast cereals, candy, and even in fish and meat. Corn is the American staple grain that has taken over the world. The rapid industrialization of the food industry has infused corn, in its various forms, into our daily nutritional intake.

Daniella Seltzer and Itay Feld, founders of Food Rescuers, will tell you all about the incarnations of corn. You’ll hear about the socio-political issues raised by the use of corn, including genetic engineering, agricultural ramifications, and relationships between countries.

You will learn about corn’s major role in Central American cuisine, and prepare tamales – corn leaves and banana leaves filled with corn flour dough, vegetables, and beans. Along with small complimentary side dishes, them, and you’ll gain insight into how to waste less food.

The event includes

  • Discuss and explain the origins of corn, its role in the global food industry and its significance in the issue of food waste.
  • A light meal based on the workshop products and a salad.
  • Hibiscus tea and rice drink
  • Additional Mohito - 25 NIS
  • A practical workshop where you will prepare:
  • Tamales - Corn leaves and banana leaves stuffed with corn flour, vegetables, and beans.
  • Quick pickles
  • Salsa Verde and Salsa Rocha
  • Hot chocolate

General Notes

  • Photos by: Teri, Jenifer Silverberg, Scott philips, Ali

About the Location

If Jerusalem is the heart of the world, then Muslala is the new heart of downtown Jerusalem. The Clal Building was built in the 1970s as a failed attempt to establish Jerusalem’s financial center. Muslala, which was launched in 2009, is a home for a community of Jerusalem artists and functions as a creative laboratory for sustainable urban renewal.

For Arrival Search on Waze:
The Moslalla balcony, the roof of “Clal” building, 97 Jaffa Street, the entrance is in front of the “Davidka” light rail station. Take the elevator up to the E floor and then one more staircase to the balcony.

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